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Dear Renee,

Thank you for being such a blessing in our lives. Your help and guidance mean the world to us and we can’t thank you enough. Beth was having such a difficult time adjusting to middle school, much less dealing with the problem of bedwetting. Solving the bedwetting issue has allowed her to attend many sleepovers, something she never would have dreamed of in the past. Your manner with her was terrific—you let her know exactly what steps she had to take and paid attention to her progress. Even though using the alarm wasn’t her favorite thing in the world, she cooperated fully because she knew you would be checking up on her. My only regret is that we didn’t do this about 6 years ago. Everyone just kept telling us not to worry, that she would “grow out of it”. Finding you was a godsend! I will be telling anyone that I know with this problem to contact you.

Thanks again, One grateful mom and daughter



Thank you for everything, from the initial phone contact, the office visit, all the phone calls and especially your continuous encouragement that led to success. Thomas had seen several specialists, who had given up on him ever becoming dry at night. We had tried all kinds of medications, but the one thing we hadn’t tried was a bedwetting alarm. I was skeptical at first because he is such a sound sleeper. It was truly amazing to see him develop the ability to wake up when he needed to go to the bathroom. Even though it took a few months for him to become completely dry, your encouragement and reassurance that he was on the right track kept us motivated. It was so nice for him to go to three weeks of camp this summer and not have a single wet night.

Eternally grateful, Elise and Thomas


Dear Mrs. Mercer,

Thank you so much for all your help with Eric. He is totally dry at night and has been for 2 months now without the use of the alarm. I know we could not have accomplished this without your help. The information you shared about foods to avoid was particularly helpful. He wore the alarm when he was supposed to and followed the food restrictions daily. We are so proud of him. He has stayed all night at his friend’s homes twice with no problem. Being dry at night was the best present our family could have received for his 7 th birthday! Thanks again for all your guidance, we do appreciate it.

Sincerely, Jane, Jack and Eric


Dear Renee,

I want to express my appreciation for our entire family. Sam is ecstatic that he is now 100% dry. Even though I am a physician, problems such as bedwetting aren’t ones that I learned much about in medical school. The only option that I was familiar with was using medication, and I knew that wasn’t a permanent cure. We appreciate your guidance with using the bedwetting alarm and “putting the pieces of the bedwetting puzzle together” for us. Even though Sam didn’t wet every night, it was still often and unpredictable enough that it hampered his overnight stays with his friends. Now that he can get up when he needs to urinate during the night, he no longer has to worry about waking up wet.

Thanks again, Dr. J.


Dear Mrs. Mercer,

Thank you for helping both of my sons with their bedwetting. Also, thank you for reassuring me as a mother that their bedwetting wasn’t something that I was doing wrong, that it had more to do with our family genetics than anything. Sean and Paul have such different personalities; it’s no wonder that their treatments had to be different. It was a challenge for me to wake to two bedwetting alarms, but luckily, Sean progressed rapidly so I didn’t have to get up with him as much.

Our house is so different now. For one thing, everyone wakes up in a good mood! Secondly, I didn’t realize how much time I was wasting doing laundry and how expensive the pull-ups were getting to be. Now my boys can spend the night with their friends or grandparents without cumbersome arrangements.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your guidance made this whole process much easier.

A happy mom

PS My 5 year old daughter may be your next challenge!



Dear Ms. Mercer,

I’m so embarrassed that I cried in your office the first time we met. I was just so frustrated and I knew that I would be going off to college in a few months. I didn’t know how I could hide my bedwetting from my roommate.

Thank you for teaching me the steps to get to dryness. The bedwetting alarm really worked. I wish my parents would have known about it about it a long time ago. They just kept telling me not to worry, that I would outgrow it. I tried not to worry but it was such a pain to take Good-Nites along or try to stay awake all night at friends houses. I just ended up staying at home. I’m doing fine in my first semester at college. I don’t have to use the alarm anymore, but I have it along, just in case I need it on the vibration mode. I’m also doing well at double voiding, limiting caffeine and all those other things we talked about. Thanks again.

Email from college student

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