85% of bedwetting children will still be wetting this time next year - unless they receive treatment. Don't get frustrated... Get Help!

Tonight, millions of children and adolescents will wet their beds in the United States. It happens for various reasons and many children and their parents are too ashamed, or embarrassed to talk about it. While many parents hope that someday their daily laundry chores will end when their child "grows out of it", your child need not wait. Only 15% of children with bedwetting stop wetting on their own each year. Current treatments are available to keep your child from potentially years of wetting, so that you and your child can rest easily — and dry — in their own bed or sleeping bag.

Renee Mercer, the Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner specializing in the treatment of children with bedwetting at Enuresis Associates, has authored Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness: A Practical Guide for Parents of Children with Bedwetting (Paperback). This book, the most popular published title on the subject of bedwetting, is packed with useful techniques, practical tips and answers to hundreds of commonly asked questions to help children stop wetting permanently. Although bedwetting affects millions of children, many parents and well meaning health care professionals are unaware of the steps that parents can take to help their child achieve permanent dryness.

Order your copy from BedwettingStore.com or Amazon.

This web site, Dry at Night™, is sponsored by Enuresis Associates, a Maryland based practice serving patients in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area that specializes in the treatment of children who wet. This comprehensive web site is intended to provide parents with objective, science-based information about bedwetting (nocturnal enuresis) and related conditions. We want you to understand what causes bedwetting, the body of evidence that exists in the medical literature for the treatment of enuresis, and the options you have as a parent.

Bedwetting is our only business. We offer the Baltimore-Washington area a unique resource for families motivated to help their child achieve dryness. We develop an individualized program for your child, based upon their unique needs.

Our services are based upon a proven, medically-based program. Our practice follows the approach developed by medical professionals successfully used on thousands of children throughout the country and internationally.

We welcome your comments, and encourage you to contact us if you choose to seek treatment for your child.


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