Our comprehensive treatment program combines education, behavioral modification with a bedwetting alarm, judicious use of medications, dietary changes and positive reinforcement that is individualized for each child and their family.

Because bedwetting is multifactorial, this program targets four key causes of bedwetting:

  • Sound Sleep — the child wears a moisture alarm that sounds when the child first starts to urinate
  • Small Bladder Capacity — the child may take a medication that lessons the urge to urinate
  • Irregular Bowel Movements — the child may follow a toileting regimen to encourage daily bowel movements
  • Food Sensitivities — certain foods may be eliminated that can hinder control of the bladder

Of course, every child is different and the specific regimen for your child will be individualized. The program is a focused and carefully organized approach to wetting problems. Follow-up visits, regular phone calls and fine-tuning of the regimen ensure the greater than 90% success rate over three to six months.

With experience from treating hundreds of bedwetting children who are now dry, this program individualizes treatment for optimal results.



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