Starting Treatment

"Reassurance alone is a disservice. Families with an enuretic child deserve information and treatment." (Barton Schmitt, MD)

When should you seek treatment for your child? The decision should be made with involvement by the child and family. A knowledgeable family who understands the actual causes, psychosocial issues and treatment choices can make an informed decision. Once you understand the issues relating to your child's wetting, you can decide if your family is ready to make the necessary changes to achieve dryness.

It is normally time to seek help if:

  • Your child is over six and continues to experience day or night wetting
  • Your family is motivated (you are frustrated with the daily chores)
  • Your doctor or nurse practitioner has recommended treatment or an alarm
  • You have tried other programs without success

Enuresis Associates can assist you in determining a suitable treatment approach for your child. After evaluation of a diet and stool history, urine measurements, physical exam and urine test, a treatment plan is recommended. The child and parents are all involved in the implementation of this plan.


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