Medical Journals. Thousands of articles have been published about primary nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting). A search on the National Library of Medicine's engine PubMed, generates more than 3,000 citations for enuresis. Listed here are a few noteworthy citations that provide you with additional reading for those interested.

Primary Nocturnal Enuresis: Current Concepts. Cendron J. Am Fam Physician. 1999 Mar 1; 59(5):1205-14, 1219-20.

Nocturnal Enuresis. Schmitt, BA. Pediatrics in Review. 1997 Jun; 18(6): 183-191.

Search PubMed. Click here to search the National Library of Medicine's database of medical literature. Use enuresis as a search term. Abstracts are provided free and some full text articles are available.

Books. Several books are currently in print that provide information ranging from comprehensive reviews on the evaluation and management of bedwetting to children's books geared toward younger readers to assure them that bedwetting is a common childhood problem.

Accidental Lily Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness: A Practical Guide for Parents of Children with Bedwetting by Renee Mercer, CPNP (Paperback) 2011. Intended for parents. Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness is packed with practical tips that are extremely valuable in helping your child achieve nighttime dryness. This book answers hundreds of commonly asked questions that parents and children have about bedwetting and the steps to achieve dryness. Written by a pediatric nurse practitioner who specializes in children with bedwetting, this handbook is a must-have companion when working to help children achieve dryness. 136 pages.

No More BedwettingWaking Up Dry : A Guide to Help Children Overcome Bedwetting by Howard J. Bennett, MD. (Paperback) 2015. Intended for school aged children and their parents. This book walks parents and children through Dr. Bennett's Waking Up Dry Program. With characters such as superheros Bladderman and Nephron, this book offers humorous, practical advice for the parent-child team to win the battle of becoming dry at night. 241 pages.


Getting to Dry Getting to Dry: How to help Your Child Overcome Bedwetting by Max Maizels, Diane Rosenbaum, Barbara Keating. (Paperback) 1999. Intended for parents and health professionals. The experts at the country's leading center for treating childhood wetting show that parents can speed up the clock and children can wake up happy and dry. They cover the pros and cons of wetting alarms, drug therapies, and changes in diet and sleeping schedules.



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